The Bronx DBQ (Document-based question) Project Workshop

Calling all Middle Schoolers!

The Bronx DBQ (Document-Based Question) Project Winter Workshop is an engaging and challenging after school program for those who have an interest in history, writing, and a bit of detective work! Students will become the historian as they use clues to help them interpret historical materials and formulate an argument based on their findings and prior knowledge. They will receive background information and various primary sources, including artifacts, documents and images, straight from The Bronx County Archives.

3-days, 1.5 hours after school, 4.5 contact hours.

Day 1 – Instructor will introduce students to the content and the question they will have to answer using the documents provided.  By the end of day 1, they will have their thesis statement formed.

Day 2 – Students will be formulating their essay around their thesis statement.

Day 3 – Students will be able to finish their essays and argue their case, just like they would in college.

Students interested in the program will have have an intensive 4.5 hour course.  They are expected to arrive on time and get started with their work immediately. The theme of each workshop will vary.

$150 per student, maximum 6-8 students per workshop. For schools within The Bronx, the fee is $600. Schools outside the borough are $750.

Thinking about having this wonderful program for your students? Contact The Bronx County Historical Society’s education department at (718) 881-8900 or via email