External Resources

Here is a list of external links that have a connection to The Bronx Latino History Project or may contain pertinent information:

BAAHP Oral Histories

Elias Karmon Oral History

Latinos in The Bronx: Selected Bibliographies from the Collections of The Bronx County Historical Society

The Bronx African American History Project

Scholarly Articles:

“My Father and Puerto Rico’s 65th Infantry Regiment,” By Haydee Camacho. The Bronx County Historical Society Journal, Volume XLIX, Numbers 1&2, Spring/Fall 2012

“New Immigrants in The Bronx: Redefining a Cityscape,” By David A. Badillo. The Bronx County Historical Society Journal, Volume XLIV, Numbers 1&2, Spring/Fall 2007

“The Push and Pull Dynamics of White Flight: A Study of The Bronx Between 1950 and 1980,” By Megan Roby. The Bronx County Historical Society Journal, Volume XLV, Numbers 1&2, Spring/Fall 2008

External Links:

City Lore

CUNY Hostos Community College Archives

Dominican Studies Institute (DSI)

El Museo del Barrio

Fordham University

National Archives

New York Municipal Archives

New York Public Library

The Bronx Institute at CUNY Lehman College

The Center for Puerto Ricans Studies (El Centro)

The Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute at CUNY

The New York Yankees Latino Affairs Department

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