How to Contribute

In an effort to address and highlight Latinos who lived in, or contributed to The Bronx throughout its history, The Bronx County Historical Society is in the process of collecting historical information from the borough’s Latino community. Because Latinos have made their presence known in The Bronx since the 19th century, research will offer a glimpse of early Bronx life for Latinos who have migrated from various parts of Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

Historical data is available throughout the Latino community in The Bronx. Whether it is a business owner, community activist, or family and friends, there are plenty of resources to tap into that reflect The Bronx’s current Latino population’s diversity. For today, The Bronx is home to Latinos who hail from almost every country in Latin America, and that population continues to increase. With participation from the Latino community, this project will present The Bronx as the Latino center of the nation’s northeast region. For more information about this project, or to share your heritage, please contact The Society’s education department at (718) 881-8900 or by email


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