The Society owns an object collection of almost 14,000 items (greatest concentration: 1830-present). The collection is fully computer catalogued into the overall collections database and classified, using The Revised Nomenclature, into the major categories of Tools & Equipment for Materials, Science & Technology and Communication, Distribution & Transportation Artifacts, Personal Artifacts, Building Furnishings, Recreational Artifacts, and Communication Artifacts. The strongest collections deal with political, social and economic changes as the area was transformed from a rural village system into part of New York City (1840s-1914) and modern Bronx (1960-present). Ten percent of the collection deals with The Bronx’s founding families (Ferris, Pell, Morris, etc., 17th – early 19th centuries). A growing, vital part of the collection is modern life; The Society collects documentation relating to life in the latter half of the 20th century, a period of intense change and to the present. Active collecting on newly emerging populations and changing demographics enriches understanding of the modern urban process on a local level, establishing a continued historical view of the dynamics involved.