The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage is now offering an audio tour that can be accessed by dialing a telephone number, visiting a web link, or scanning a QR (Quick Response) barcode with a smart phone that has scanning capabilities. Below you will find some useful information:

Poe Cottage Audio Tour Phone Number – 718.971.2156
The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage audio tour can be heard by dialing a phone number from a cellular phone while standing outside or inside the Cottage, or from a home phone. There are 19 stops on the audio tour. Each stop represents different points of interest pertaining to the cottage. For example: stop #1 will give the general history of Poe Cottage and stop #2 will provide information about hours and fees. If one chooses to skip to the next stop, just press #. Inside the Cottage, there are small stop labels placed throughout the house. Visitors can walk up to any of these labels and access the tour by dialing the audio tour number and choosing the stop number that corresponds to the stop number on the label. On the exterior, a sign has been placed below the current visitor information at Poe Cottage. Both exterior signs will have the audio tour phone number listed so that visitors can access the tour after normal visiting hours.

Poe Cottage Audio Tour Web link for English and en español – Click here
The Poe Cottage Audio Tour can be accessed by visiting the web link listed above. On this site, you will find the list of all the stops on the audio tour and also, information about the Cottage and its location on a Google map, and the option to download the audio tour onto your smart phone or desktop as an MP3 file. On the audio tour, one can scan the QR barcode with their smart phone on any of the stop labels. The visitor will be directed to the MP3 sound file on the web link.

QR (Quick Response) Barcode
QR.PCA QR barcode is on all interior and exterior audio tour stop labels. A smart phone that has the ability to download a scanning application can interact with these QR barcodes. Each stop has its own QR barcode, so once the visitor scans the QR barcode on a certain stop label, they will be given the chance to hear the MP3 sound file on that particular stop. Exterior signage has a QR barcode that contains the whole audio tour so that visitors can hear it while The Cottage is closed to the public. Visitors have to make sure they are close enough to the QR barcode to get a good reading. This project was made possible through the Historic House Trust of New York City.

Poe Audio Description –
New York Beyond Sight offers audio descriptions of numerous historic sites in New York City, including Poe Cottage and the Museum of Bronx History (Valentine-Varian House).