How to please yourself

Men masturbate, it’s a fact. However, for women, it is still a taboo subject, whether they masturbate when they are alone or when they want to arouse their partner during a session. For men, there’s no need to ask them how to please themselves. Maybe just tell you how to enhance or diversify what you do, but since men can jerk off with little or no motivation or inspiration, there’s nothing to add.

If you’ve been masturbating since the beginning of time and are willing to admit you’re an expert at it, have you ever wondered how to bring yourself to more intense orgasms? Or how to use your dildo to reach new levels of sensation and pleasure? Have you even ventured into anal masturbation to please yourself even more? Do you even know how to use your fingers to stimulate yourself? Do you know how to blend clitoral, vaginal and G-spot stimulation to achieve mind-blowing orgasms? Most importantly, are you familiar with your vaginal area and its functions?

Masturbation is the stimulation of your genitals with the ultimate goal of reaching orgasm. You can use your hands or fingers, or you can enhance the experience with the help of sex toys mytoyfrst pocket pussy, such as dildos or vibrators.

Unfortunately, many women don’t even know what their vagina looks like or what its parts are and how they work, except, of course, for sucking on a penis and peeing. First of all, before you can start expecting someone to please you, you have to know how to please yourself. In order to be able to do this, you must be familiar with your pussy and be in tune with your body. To please yourself is to be at one with yourself, with your body, your breath and your mind. So how will you pleasure yourself? Female masturbation involves stroking the vulva and focusing on the clitoris with your index or middle finger. You can also insert one or two fingers into your vagina to be able to stroke your G-spot, which is located about two inches below your abdomen.

Many women find it arousing to stroke their nipples while stroking their vagina. There are also many women who use dildos, vibrators and Ben Wa balls to achieve orgasm. Dildos come in different sizes and shapes, and if used properly, can elevate your orgasm to a more intense level. Women often find it unnecessary to use lubricants during masturbation when there is penetration. Their natural lubrication is usually enough to get her wet and ready enough for hand or sex toy penetration. Some women also find that anal masturbation is something that will really enhance the whole sexual experience.

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